Mirzapur division leads Uttar Pradesh’s industrial growth with top investments

The Mirzapur division of Purvanchal has emerged as a frontrunner in Uttar Pradesh’s industrial development, securing the top position in terms of investments across the 75 districts and 18 divisions of the state, according to an official release on Saturday. Within this division, the Sonbhadra district stands out prominently, leading in terms of investments among … Read more

Vertoz ventures into the CloudTech sector through strategic merger

While the company already specializes in MadTech solutions with its diverse platforms and services that facilitate a wide range of digital marketing and advertising technology, this amalgamation will add a plethora of Digital Identity (Domain Name) and Cloud services to Vertoz’s portfolio. Additionally, several brands under the umbrella of PayNX Technologies Private Limited and QualiSpace … Read more

The role of debt consolidation in achieving financial goals

Debt consolidation aims to simplify debt management. It can also accelerate reaching financial goals. By rolling many debts into one, people can lower interest rates. This reduces total monthly payments too. With fewer bills to track, finances get more streamlined. However, debt consolidation has risks too. So first understand how it works, weigh benefits against … Read more

India to be on high-stake global stage of chip makers in 5 years: IT Minister Vaishnaw

India will, in next five years, join the high-stake global stage of semiconductor manufacturing as it combines unparalleled design capabilities with USD 10 billion of incentives to draw manufacturers to set up new fabs and units that will cut dominance of Taiwan, South Korea and China, said IT and Telecom Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw. In an … Read more

PM Modi to launch multiple development projects in West Bengal, Bihar today

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate, lay the foundation stone of and dedicate to the nation multiple development projects worth crores in West Bengal and Bihar on Saturday. The Prime Minister who is on a two-day visit to three states, reached West Bengal’s Arambagh on Friday afternoon where he launched several development projects and addressed … Read more

PM Modi launches India’s first indigenous green hydrogen fuel cell inland waterway vessel

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the country’s first indigenous green hydrogen fuel cell inland waterway vessel under the Harit Nauka initiative in Tamil Nadu’s Thoothukudi. Talking about India’s first hydrogen fuel cell inland waterway vessel, PM Modi called it a gift from the people of Tamil Nadu for Kashi. The hydrogen-fueled electric vessel project is … Read more

Billionaire’s blueprint: How the wealthiest investors maximise mutual fund returns!

The power of mutual funds  One of the primary reasons mutual funds have become so popular with investors is due to the power of compounding returns over long periods of time. Even seemingly modest annual gains of 10-15 per cent can snowball into huge sums when left to grow undisturbed for decades through the magic … Read more